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CARTOON 4/18/2014 4:00 PM

Diary of a Wimpy Kid  
An 11-year-old enters the terrifying, dehumanizing world of middle school and attempts to survive its harsh trials with the help of his equally terrified friends and a seventh-grade misfit who offers to be his savvy guide.

TOON 4/18/2014 4:00 PM
TOONHD 4/18/2014 4:00 PM
CARTOON 4/19/2014 11:00 AM
TOON 4/19/2014 11:00 AM
TOONHD 4/19/2014 11:00 AM
OUTMAX 4/20/2014 3:55 AM

In Their Skin  
After unfortunately losing their young daughter in a tragic accident, a family escapes to their vacation home hidden in the woods, but their getaway plans are stalled when their suspicious neighbors suddenly drop by to join them for dinner.

OUTMAXHD 4/20/2014 3:55 AM
PBS WCVW 4/25/2014 9:30 AM

Martha Speaks   Down on the Farm; Martha Runs Away
When T.D.'s grandpa invites Helen, Martha and T.D. to visit his farm, Martha tries to act like a farm dog by lending a helping paw with the chores; after being yelled at by Helen, Martha decides to run away from home and find a job that suits her.

WCVW-DT 4/25/2014 9:30 AM
WCVEVZ 4/18/2014 4:00 PM

Martha Speaks   Martha and Skits; Martha Plays a Part
When a new puppy joins the family, he tries to learn how to speak like Martha by eating a bowl of alphabet soup just as she did; Martha learns that Helen's school will be performing a play, so she gets her reluctant owner an acting role.

PBS WCVW 4/24/2014 9:30 AM

Martha Speaks   Martha Walks the Dog; Martha's Got Talent
The new dog in town barks so much that people in the neighborhood can't fall asleep, so Helen and Martha try everything they can think of to get him to stop; Weaselgraft tries to gain possession of Martha by inviting her to a talent show.

WCVW-DT 4/24/2014 9:30 AM
WCVEVZ 4/24/2014 4:00 PM
PBS WCVW 4/20/2014 2:30 PM

Martha Speaks   Martha's Puppy; The Cheating Chum Caper
While Martha thinks it's time to get a puppy, the family doesn't agree, so she decides to train a baby to become a puppy; Helen is looking for trouble when she witnesses a meeting between TD, Martha and Francois that she thinks is a cheating scandal.

WCVW-DT 4/20/2014 2:30 PM
PBS WCVW 4/22/2014 9:30 AM

Martha Speaks   Paws and Effect; The Trouble with Teddy
After Martha gets hurt, the gang realizes keeping their town clean is good for the environment and helps keeps others safe; a dog becomes ill, but when the vet cannot figure out why, Martha tries to help by looking for things that cause sickness.

WCVW-DT 4/22/2014 9:30 AM
WCVEVZ 4/22/2014 4:00 PM
PBS WCVW 4/23/2014 9:30 AM

Martha Speaks   Stanley Saves the Day; Milo Goes for Gold
After spotting a pair of thieves at the Wagstaff City Hotel, Truman and his friends must rely on his cousin's knowledge of movies to stop a robbery; Milo is tired of never winning anything, so he decides to come up with his own games.

WCVW-DT 4/23/2014 9:30 AM
WCVEVZ 4/23/2014 4:00 PM
PBS WCVW 4/21/2014 9:30 AM

Martha Speaks   Wagstaff Races; The Missing Metal Mystery
Wagstaff City is hosting a go-cart race with vehicles that are fueled by alternative energy sources; Detective TD begins an investigation to find out who is stealing from the junkyard, but when he names his prime suspect no one can believe it.

WCVW-DT 4/21/2014 9:30 AM
WCVEVZ 4/21/2014 4:00 PM
Cine Sony 4/18/2014 2:50 PM

A man who values his work more than family plans a getaway with false intentions in a rented RV for his problematic family, but along their journey they become tolerant with each other and the culture that surrounds them.

FOXMOV 4/22/2014 5:00 PM

Tooth Fairy  
When a rough and tough minor league hockey player, known for breaking opponent's teeth, discourages a young fan's dreams, he is sentenced to become a real tooth fairy, and the awkward new position forces him to recall his aspirations as a child also.

FOXMOV 4/23/2014 3:00 PM
FOX SOCCER 4/22/2014 5:30 PM

X-Men: The Last Stand  
As mutants across the globe wrestle with the decision to be "cured" or not with research done by Worthington Labs, Magneto and his surprising, new ally mobilize the Brotherhood and face Professor Xavier's students for a final fight.